Online Counselling (Skype)

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Online Counselling

Online Counselling

One of the most exciting developments in counselling comes from combining traditional therapist skills with online technology: online counselling.

Research indicates that the outcome for clients who have undertaken online counselling can be similar to those having standard therapy in person. In 2012, psychologist Dr Autumn Backhaus and her associates conducted a literature review of studies on online councelling examining 65 articles. They concluded that this form of counselling is “generally associated with good user satisfaction and is found to have similar clinical outcomes to traditional face-to-face psychotherapy”.

Not all client issues may be appropriate for online counselling, and being in the same room with your counsellor will be many clients’ first preference. However, time restrictions and other commitments at home mean it can be difficult for people to arrange regular counselling sessions. To meet this demand, more and more counsellors are offering the possibility of online therapy. The benefits to the client can be immense.

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